Acu­punc­ture is very com­plex. It takes sev­eral dec­ades to become an expert.

Like an artist, I love the idea of prac­ticing as long as I am phys­ic­ally and men­tally cap­able, gradu­ally per­fect­ing my skills in the next dec­ades, feel­ing use­ful in soci­ety, and help­ing people along the way.

In Ori­ental medi­cine, one can pro­duce deep and long last­ing changes in the body without using any forms of modern med­ic­a­tions. The patients are treated accord­ing to their own indi­vidual pat­tern of emo­tional, and phys­ical dys­func­tions. I feel privileged to be able to make a pos­it­ive dif­fer­ence in other people’s health and qual­ity of life. In the case of infer­til­ity, help­ing couples con­ceive a healthy child des­pite all odds, is probably one of the most reward­ing exper­i­ence I have experienced.

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  ” From my experience, properly administered acupuncture by a qualified, experienced acupuncturist like Olivier really works! ”

Kate C., 42, Newtown