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Treating asthma with Chinese medicine

Aus­tralia is fam­ous for hav­ing one of the worse records of asthma suf­fer­ers in the world. It is estim­ated that over 10% of chil­dren will exper­i­ence recur­rent asthma attacks, which in the major­ity of cases will have to be man­aged through­out their lives. Asthma is an obstruct­ive res­pir­at­ory dis­ease char­ac­ter­ized […]

Learning to manage our stress

                Learn­ing to man­age our stress by Olivi­er Lejus  Most people would agree that tech­no­lo­gic­al pro­gress has made our lives more enjoy­able in many dif­fer­ent ways. The down­turn has unfor­tu­nately been an increase in the pace of liv­ing.. Our brains are con­stantly being asked to pro­cess […]