Better than Viagra, the treatment of impotence with Oriental medicine. 1

Australia’s Hol­ist­ic Journ­alKeep­ing Body & Soul Togeth­er TOP STORIES FEATURES COLUMNS NEWS EVENTS RECIPES REVIEWS ADVERTISE CONTACT Search Nova 02.01.2018 EASTERN HEALING Bet­ter than Via­gra The East­ern approach to treat­ing impot­ence is longer last­ing without the side effects of mod­ern drug ther­apy, says Olivi­er Lejus Fil­ter Stor­ies Astro­logy Com­munity East­ern Heal­ing […]

The treatment of impotence with Traditional Chinese medicine

  It is estim­ated that around half of the male pop­u­la­tion will suf­fer from erectile dys­func­tion at least once in their life­time. In my pre­vi­ous column on the top­ic of men­o­pause and Tra­di­tion­al Chinese Medi­cine, I men­tioned the role of the kid­ney Yang energy in provid­ing the intern­al fire neces­sary […]

Nova Article-The treatment of Impotence with Chinese medicine PART 2

In all cul­tures, sexu­al activ­ity is regarded as an import­ant intim­ate expres­sion of affec­tion between couples. Unfor­tu­nately, dif­fi­culties in achiev­ing, or sus­tain­ing, an erec­tion, is a com­mon prob­lem, and a great source of anguish for many men and their part­ners   In this second art­icle on Erectile Dys­func­tion, we will look […]