Acupuncture during pregnancy

Acu­punc­ture has many bene­fits dur­ing the preg­nancy.

Med­ic­al stud­ies have shown that reg­u­lar treat­ments can

Res­ult in a short­er dur­a­tion of labor con­trac­tions.

    Achieve a 35% reduc­tion in med­ic­al induc­tion rate. 

  Reduce emer­gency cesarean pro­ced­ures by 32%.

(ref: Med­ic­al acu­punc­ture, 2006. 17(3):17–20)

Acu­punc­ture has been used for many cen­tur­ies to help women get a suc­cess­ful preg­nancy.

From the onset of preg­nancy, as your body learns to adapt to the phys­ic­al and hor­mon­al changes tak­ing place, reg­u­lar acu­punc­ture treat­ments will effect­ively treat, without med­ic­a­tions, early preg­nancy symp­toms such as early morn­ing sick­ness, head­aches, naus­ea, stress, anxi­ety and sleep­ing dif­fi­culties.

Later dur­ing the preg­nancy, your flu­id reten­tion prob­lems and lack of energy issues can be greatly improved with acu­punc­ture.

In the final stages of the preg­nancy,  your acu­punc­tur­ist can har­mon­ize the hor­mon­al and phys­ic­al changes tak­ing place as your body gradu­ally pre­pares itself for the deliv­ery.

If you are over­due, spe­cif­ic acu­punc­ture points and very gentle tech­niques can very safely, effect­ively, and pain­lessly be used to reduce dis­com­fort, and induce the labor con­trac­tions.

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