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The emotional side of male infertility.

  Many us would be sur­prised to know that men are respons­ible for up to forty per­cent of cases of infer­til­ity in a couple. Sev­er­al factors can affect the male repro­duct­ive sys­tem caus­ing the sperm pro­duc­tion to decline. These include sur­ger­ies, chron­ic ill­nesses, and pre­scribed med­ic­a­tions. Also, poor life­style, espe­cially […]

The natural alternative to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) by Olivier lejus

  The Ori­ent­al med­ic­al altern­at­ive to In Vitro Fer­til­iz­a­tion (IVF)   Accord­ing to the latest fig­ures from Aus­tralia, and New Zea­l­and, in 2011, the suc­cess rate (live birth) per In Vitro Fer­til­iz­a­tion (IVF) cycle was only 17%(1). In addi­tion, the required con­stant hor­mon­al treat­ments can be very phys­ic­ally and men­tally […]

The treatment of thyroid disorders with Oriental medicine

  The treat­ment of thyroid dis­orders with Ori­ent­al medi­cine   In sev­er­al of my earli­er art­icles, I have dis­cussed the fas­cin­at­ing (or ter­ri­fy­ing) concept of autoim­mune dis­orders. These occur when the body‘s immune defense sys­tem goes hay­wire and starts attack­ing itself. Autoim­mune dis­eases can mani­fest in many forms, ran­ging from […]

The treatment of menopause with Oriental medicine

The onset of men­o­pause rep­res­ents an import­ant step in a woman’s life. It is the point when men­stru­ation stops per­man­ently, and con­sequently the abil­ity to pro­duce a child dis­ap­pear forever. For many women, this hor­mon­al change brings many unwel­come side effects. Chinese herb­al medi­cine has been treat­ing these symp­toms suc­cess­fully […]