Fertility for Women


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Many sur­veys have shown that women who choose to con­ceive after the age of 35 have a great­er chance of hav­ing med­ical dif­fi­culties that may res­ult in infer­til­ity issues. Also, men can be respons­ible for failed preg­nancy nearly as fre­quently as women. Between 35 to 40 per­cent of infer­til­ity prob­lems among couples are actu­ally caused by the male part­ner.

Whatever the cause of the prob­lem, for the couples who have always con­tem­plated hav­ing chil­dren, the efforts to become preg­nant while the bio­lo­gical clock is wind­ing down can be both phys­ic­ally exhaust­ing and highly dis­tress­ing.

In many cases, acu­punc­ture alone, or in com­bin­a­tion with Chinese herb­al medi­cine can treat the root cause of infer­til­ity, and pre­pare men and women for preg­nancy. In addi­tion, when used in con­junc­tion with IVF, Ori­ental medi­cine has been shown to sig­ni­fic­antly enhance a woman’s chances of con­cep­tion.

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Kate C., 42, New­town