Treating Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Sydney is a fast and busy cos­mo­pol­it­an city. Unfor­tu­nately longer work­ing hours, climb­ing levels of debt and traffic con­ges­tion con­trib­ute to cre­at­ing a stress­ful envir­on­ment.

It is very easy in these con­di­tions to start los­ing con­trol. Our stress levels build up and anxi­ety, or depres­sion sets in. 

Chinese medi­cine presents anger, frus­tra­tion, anxi­ety, and depres­sion as destruct­ive emo­tions that can impact spe­cif­ic organs and sys­tems in the body.

 Ori­ent­al medi­cine can address these energy block­ages which are affect­ing our men­tal wellbeing.Medical stud­ies have shown that acu­punc­ture has an effect on the nervous sys­tem, and the endo­crine sys­tem.  Acu­punc­ture can be very suc­cess­ful in cor­rect­ing these dis­har­mon­ies in your sys­tem which are affect­ing your phys­ic­al and emo­tion­al con­di­tion.

When life­style changes are needed, we can assist you with exer­cise guidelines, pro­fes­sion­al refer­ral net­work, and diet­ary advice.

Read more about the role of emo­tions in Tra­di­tion­al Chinese Medi­cine.

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Olivi­er has been won­der­ful in help­ing alle­vi­ate the pain, and the treat­ment is so gentle I don’t even feel the needles!”

R.A., 36, Enmore