“In the past, I have been somewhat skeptical of people’s claim regarding acupuncture. After a series of three treatments, I have now no doubt that the acupuncture treatment I received from Olivier Lejus led to my recovery from reflux and liver problems I have had for over a year.  I now strongly recommend both acupuncture and Olivier to my friends. Olivier’s gentle and understanding manner made me feel comfortable and open to something new.”

Gianni W., 42, Glebe


“I was lucky to stumble across Olivier Lejus while searching the internet for a new practitioner. I had become increasingly frustrated with my existing acupuncturist who I found preachy, painful and inattentive. As a young woman, I am often apprehensive about seeing male practitioners. This was not the case with Olivier. His qualifications, experience, and professionalism were apparent from my very first visit, as a result,  I have become a regular patient of his for over 2 years.”

Natalie T., 35, Glebe


“Being of a scientific background, I was initially very skeptical of acupuncture. But having suffered from daily chronic pain and the negative side effects of prescription drugs for years, I found myself willing to give it a go. From my experience, properly administered acupuncture by a qualified, experienced acupuncturist like Olivier really works!”

Kate C., 42, Newtown


“Olivier successfully treats my temporary discomforts like migraines, muscle strain, and period pain immediately (in one or two visits). Also, regular ongoing acupuncture has successfully worked to manage the medically diagnosed chronic pain I experienced for years – enabling me to completely free myself from the strong, prescription anti-inflammatory I had relied upon.”

Jen A., 37, Stanmore


“I came to see Olivier on the recommendation of a good friend as I had some bad foot pain and other ailments I thought could benefit from acupuncture. Olivier has been wonderful in helping alleviate the pain and the treatment is so gentle I don’t even feel the needles! He has also been great at explaining the treatment and how it all works, which is great for me as I am a ‘need to know’ person. I would highly recommend Olivier to anyone especially as he now does in-home visits which is so convenient for our busy lives.”

Rebecca A., 36, Enmore